Honor Flight of Middle Tennessee Guardian Application

Honor flight would not be successful without the generous support of our guardians. Guardians play a significant role on every trip, ensuring that every veteran has a safe and memorable experience. Our goal is to seat as many veterans as possible on each flight.

We suggest that you scroll down and look at what information will be needed before you start filling this out.

Requirements of being a guardian:

  • You need to pay for your trip. The current cost is $450 which covers air and land transportation, food, flight bag, hat, and shirt.
  • You cannot be a veteran’s spouse or significant other. You must be 18-65 years old or must get Honor Flight of Middle Tennessee board approval.
  • Your responsibility on the trip is to assist your veteran with whatever they need which may include pushing your veteran in a transport chair up to 7 miles during a single day.
  • You must be in good physical health, have good eyesight and hearing and be able to walk and lift 80lbs.
  • You will be part of a team along with the other guardians who will help veterans get on and off the bus and help load equipment on and off the bus. You will be part of a “bucket brigade” so you will need to be agile, mobile, able to squat, and able to lift 80 lbs.

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I have read the above requirements of being a guardian and I meet those requirements. (If you choose "No" you will get an opportunity to explain)**
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