Veteran Application

Honor Flight recognizes American Military Ceterans for their sacrifices and achievements by flying them to Washington, D.C. to see THEIR War Memorials at no cost.

In order for Honor Flight to achieve this goal, guardians fly with the veterans on every flight providing assistance, and helping Veterans have a safe, memorable, and rewarding experience.

Top priority is given to World War II, Korean War and terminally ill veterans from all wars.

Vietnam Veterans who are 70 percent or more disabled may apply and will be considered if there are open seats after all terminally ill, World War II adn Korean War Veterans who apply have been seated on each flight. Vietnam Veterans may be offered open seats on flights based on the date their applications were received.

For what you and your fellow Veterans have given us, please consider this a small token of appreciation from all of us at Honor Flight. A Doctor and nurses walso travel on each flight, to ensure your well-being.

For additional information, contact us online or call 1-833-HONORUS.


Please consider these instructions as you complete your Honor Flight Application. Please read each line item thoroughly, then complete your answers.

  • Complete each line of this application in its entirety. (For example, your entire name includes First, Middle and Last names).
  • Please reflect TOTALLY accurate infromation. (For example, will you need a wheelchair? This is important because you will be required to walk at least 3 miles during the day.)
  • If you have any questions, please contact us.
  • After you submit your application you will not recieve  any further information until approximately four weeks prior to the flight date, at which time you will receive a letter stating that you will be on board for the next flight date.
  • You will also receieve at least one telephone call from the person who has been assigned as “Your Guardian” for that day.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: If for any reason you are unable to fly on that date, please contact us immediately so we may arrange for a fellow veteran to fill your seat.
  • We pay for airline seats in advance and are unable to recoup any funds for unfilled seats.
  • If you were to cancel due to a health issue, we will simply schedule you for the next scheduled Honor Flight.

Other Important Information



  • We will supply your wheelchair for the day, if you have requested one.
  • PLEASE do NOT bring your personal wheelchair with you for the flight.

Vietnam Veterans

  • Vietnam Veterans with a 70% or higher VA Disability Rating may apply and may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Please note the question in the application and answer it accurately.


  • Please note: A photographer will take photos during the trip. If you would like to receive pictures taken of yourself during “your special day” in Washington D.C. you must include an email address on this application so that we can send the digital files to you.

Photo ID

  • Important: A government issued REAL photo ID is required to fly and for admission to Arlington National Cemetery and Ft. Myers. 
  • You may attach a copy of your drivers license to this application.

DD Form 214

  • We do not require a copy of your DD 214, it is optional to submit a copy with your application.

    Date of Birth

    Polo Shirt Size:

    Alternative Contact (Son, Daughter, Etc)

    Emergency Contact Person (Must Be Available Day of Travel)

    Military Service Information

    Branch of Service
    Air ForceArmyCoast GuardMarine CorpsMerchant MarineNavyNOAAPublic Health Service

    Vietnam Veterans Only-What is your VA Disability Percentage Rating
    (Vietnam Veterans with a 70% or higher VA disability rating may apply and may be accepted on a case by case basis)

    Medical Information: Information provided will not disqualify you
    The information permits us to assess the support we need to provide you during the trip. The info is for Honor Flight and Honor Flight Medical Personnel only.

    Do You Use Any of the Following Mobility Equipment?

    Do you request a Wheelchair on the day of the flight? (Please be truthful, later requests cause logistical problems for the staff)

    Do you have a history of seizures?

    Do you have problems with motion sickness?

    If yes, is it controlled with medication? (Note: If motion sickness is not controlled with medications, it is STRONGLY encouraged to discuss the trip with your private physician.)
    YesNoNot Applicable

    Do you have any breathing problems?

    Do you have a home nebulizer machine? (Note: If yes, you are STRONGLY encouraged to discuss the trip with your private physician concerning the use of a portable hand-held nebulizer during the trip.)

    Do you use oxygen at ANY time?

    Will you need oxygen on the trip? (Note: if Yes, you will be contacted about the specific FAA and airline requirements for use of oxygen on flights and our arrangements for your oxygen use in DC.)

    Do you have a history of open head injuries, sinus or ear problems?

    If yes, have you flown since the open head injury, sinus or ear problems occurred?
    YesNoNot Applicable

    If yes, did you have any problems? (Note: if Yes, it is STRONGLY encouraged that you discuss the trip with your private physician.)
    YesNoNot Applicable

    Do you have a urostomy or colostomy bag? (Note: If yes, please make sure your bag is vented prior to the flight. If you do not know if your bag is vented, it is STRONGLY advised that you discuss this issue with your private physician.)

    Do you smoke?

    Are you in the Veteran's Health Care System?

    Where would you prefer to meet our chartered bus?
    WinchesterTullahomaManchesterMurfreesboroNashville Airport (Southwest Airlines)

    As photographic and video equipment are frequently used to memorialize and document Honor Flight trips and events, his/her image may appear in a public forum, such as the media or a website, to acknowledge, promote or advance the work of the Honor Flight program. I hereby release the photographer and Honor Flight from all claims and liability relating to said photographs. I hereby give permission for images captured during Honor Flight promotional material and publications and waive any rights or compensation or ownership thereto.
    I agreeI disagree

    I further state that medical insurance is the responsibility of the Veteran and I understand that Honor Flight does NOT provide medical care. I understand that I accept all risk associated with travel and other Honor Flight activities and will not hold Honor Flight responsible for any injuries incurred by me while participating in the Honor Flight program.
    I agreeI disagree

    Do you agree to allow your contact information and/or photos of the flight to be released to your fellow attendees and to the local papers?

    Please upload a copy of your Driver's License or State Issued ID:

    If you'd like to attach a copy of your DD 214, do so here: